Supporting an industry association in rolling out European policy to Dutch stakeholders


The client wants to bring European plans (Green Deal) and the association’s impact for its members to the attention of relevant stakeholders, so that the industry’s point of view and the interests of its members are considered in the (public) debate and (final) decision-making.

  • Despite its impact on consumers and businesses, European policy is not (yet) on the agenda of politicians, the government, NGOs and the media.
  • This lack of attention provides an opportunity for the client to formulate the story of this policy in a more factual and nuanced way and to share it with relevant stakeholders.
  • The client wants to portray the sector as a constructive proponent of solutions for a climate-neutral and circular society.


Bringing the industry’s story to the attention of relevant stakeholders with storytelling, stakeholder mapping, a position paper and a slide deck.

  • In a series of strategic sessions, we worked with the client to identify the impact of European policies and determine the sector’s stance.
  • The client’s existing plans and texts were subjected to a critical outsider’s view, which also highlighted the “blind spots”.
  • Together with the customer, we identified the relevant stakeholders’ involvement in and influence on the issue.


A clear position paper and a visually attractive slide deck to bring the sector’s story to the attention of the relevant stakeholders.


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