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Our digital tools: be informed and know what to do.

A journalist who is waiting for a comment, a parliamentary debate that still has to be summarised, and not to mention, that lobby strategy that needs to be finished before tonight. Everything has to happen now, and all at once. You are running behind the facts with no time to consider an issue or stakeholder but with your hands full managing information.

Our tools help you work smarter and anticipate faster. Tools that provide you with a ‘second brain’ through political interpretation by political advisors, create space in your mind and help you make better choices. This way, you have a stronger grip on socio-political realities.

Below you find all the concepts of Wepublic:

Stakeholder Intelligence Europe (SIE)

With the SIE you’ll always be up to date with new and relevant European developments on issues important to you.

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Stakeholder Engagement Tool (SET)

The Wepublic Stakeholder Engagement Tool (SET) is where your organization collectively stores contacts, reports on consultations, and outlines actions.

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Stakeholder Intelligence Monitor (SIM)

With the SIM we bring together real-time, relevant information from the political and social arena.

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Issue Tracker

The Issue Tracker is a strategic tool to follow the development of a specific issue.

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Network Analysis

Wepublic has developed the network analysis; an important tool to operate more successfully in an increasingly dynamic and complex network.

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Communication Management Benchmark

Information from 100+ organizations that participated in the Benchmark helps managers to increase communication impact and build state-of-the-art communication departments.

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