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What we do

Do you have a communication and public affairs issue that is affecting your organisational strategy? Contact our consultancy for advice, intelligence and management. From insight and inspiration to realisation and assessment. We deliver tailor-made solutions and support you from start to finish. Curious what that can mean for you? Check out the stories of customers we have helped.

Consulting firm with a truly integrated approach

The combination of advice and intelligence as well as our integrated approach to public affairs and communication is what sets us apart from other consulting firms. We constantly keep a finger on the pulse of key social issues. We monitor the relevant developments and contribute to the substantive innovation taking place in our profession. We want to provide you with strong advice so you can make the best possible decision.


We provide high quality, practical and integrated advice in the field of reputation, communication and public affairs.

Typical activities for which clients contact us:

  • Issues: timely detection of reputational risks and -opportunities and helping to manage these issues so they benefit our client.
  • Crises: help clients with difficult and often sensitive issues where reputations and interests are at stake.
  • Stakeholder engagement: building strong reputations by managing the dialogue with your environment, strengthen trust and achieve sustainable success more quickly.
  • Public affairs and lobbying: contributing to your interests in the political and public arena and helping to achieve breakthroughs.
  • Strategy development: developing a manageable compass together with clients in the form of a concrete strategy, inspiring vision or practical approach.
  • Organization of the communications department: maximizing the added value and impact of communications as a discipline and/or department.
  • Leadership: strengthen the relationship between (top) managers, employees and stakeholders.
  • Support and alignment: ensuring effective communications around important changes in your organization.
  • Positioning: develop the most attractive positioning and embedding this positioning throughout the organization.
  • Brand strategy and architecture: optimizing, organizing and structuring the brands within an organization.

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