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Who we are

Wepublic (formerly known as GKSV) started in 2013 and is owned by four partners:  Mark van den Anker , Hein Greven,  Maaike van Hooidonk  and Frank Körver. Wepublic employs more than 35 strategists and analysts and if necessary collaborates with a network of seasoned specialists.

Wepublic is now a team of engaged, no-nonsense and highly skilled professionals. We all have one thing in common: we like complex challenges. Our clients trust us with their most daunting challenges. Wepublic consultants provide unparalleled insights and ideas, and focus on maximizing impact. They bring intellectual curiosity, a can-do mindset and absolute dedication to each new challenge.

Our clients know that we take our profession very seriously. That’s why Wepublic clients make up some of the most well known companies in the Netherlands. Its something we are really proud of. Wepublic consultants all have an enormous drive to deliver maximum value to our clients: and we have fun while we do it.

Excellent communications, stakeholder engagement and societal insights are becoming more and more important for organizations. We are convinced that our clients (and thus our work) play an important role in creating a better world.


Hein Greven

Partner / senior advisor

Maaike van Hooidonk

Partner / senior advisor

Mark van den Anker

Partner / senior advisor

Frank Körver

Associate partner / senior advisor

Maurice Jansen

Managing director / senior advisor

Gijs Petter

Head of Operations SIM / senior advisor

Monique Schumans

senior advisor

Marco Kortleve

senior advisor

Robin Beentjes

Senior advisor

Emmeke Hulshof


Jonathan Seib

Product owner Intelligence

Roel Dijkstra


Carlijn van Schijndel


Iris Weerdenburg


Nils Dalmeijer

junior advisor

Melissa Veenstra

junior adviseur

Estelle Cool

junior advisor

Daan Ravesloot

junior advisor

Philip Breitenstein

junior advisor

Annemijn Cassée

junior advisor

Remco López Antezana

junior advisor

Wessel Luken

junior advisor

Robin Zwemmer

intelligence specialist

Minke Groeneveld

intelligence specialist

Maaike de Groot

Office Manager

Dees Deitmers

Office Manager

Our key values


Our consultants are committed to making a valuable contribution to the realization of our clients’ ambitions. Our expertise is of strategic value to you.


We have a good eye for new opportunities and are constantly working to improve our practice. We are proactive and love to tackle challenges.

Fun to work with

Being a good partner is at the heart of what we do. We are convinced that it is important that our clients enjoy working with us.


What you see is what you get. We think sincerity is extremely important. We don't like to make things appear better than they are.


We aim for the best possible result. Always. We are all about realizing concrete goals. Connection, success, continuity.