Working together on the communication strategy for the coming years

Situation and insight: A large healthcare organisation was looking for direction for its communication activities.

  • A lot happens in the healthcare organisation, just like in the healthcare sector itself. The annual communication plan must speak to this.
  • What is needed is to look beyond a year, and to use a long-term perspective as a guide.
  • The knowledge and ideas in the department, and especially the experiences with previous plans, provided valuable input.

Approach: Collaborating with the department and coming up with a communication plan suited for the long and short term.

  • Over several working sessions, we mapped the internal and external context with the department, and formulated the corresponding communication assignments for the coming years.
  • Working together, we identified ambitions for the next three years and reviewed previous plans in that light.
  • We used this long-term perspective and the learnings from previous plans as a framework to arrive at priorities for the coming period.


A concrete communication plan for the coming period which will help achieve the organisation’s ambitions for the next three years.


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