Corporate story and labour market positioning: Building energy, direction and connection together

Situation and insight: A government department wanted to increase internal team spirit and connection.

  • The government department is under a social magnifying glass and on the receiving end of constant criticism, while everyone is working remotely.
  • The existing motto is outdated. A coherent story linking the values, qualities and objectives of the organisation is missing.
  • There is a need for a new inspiring motto, a story that inspires and connects people, and a labour market positioning that attracts the right talent.


  • The story is based on our organisational compass of five key ingredients: higher purpose, core values, core qualities, bold purpose, and environment.
  • Together with employees from Communication, HR and the top officials, we implemented this solution during an interactive process. We achieved an 80% version of the story and the new labour market positioning.
  • We then tested this version. We refined it and promoted it throughout the rest of the organisation through additional discussions, workshops and events with managers and employees.
  • Finally, together with the Communication and HR teams, we created an activation plan to sustainably embed the core values and the story and keep it alive.

Result: A broadly shared and guiding organisational compass as the basis for communication, HR, and leadership and team development. An energetic story that inspires and connects and an authentic and appealing labour market positioning to attract new talent.

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