Roundtable 9 september: Changing the game

We are living in extremely challenging times. Chief Communication Officers (CCO’s) are confronted with very demanding environments. The rules of the game (how to maximize communication impact?) are changing rapidly. Stakes are high, resources remain limited. And leadership skills have never been this important. But what sets successful CCO’s apart? We believe, successful CCO’s know how to play the game. Excellent Chief Communication Officers even know how to change the game.
GKSV and VMA Group host an intimate roundtable discussion on Tuesday 9 September, starting at 16.00 and ending at 18.00 hours. Invitation only. Goal of this meeting: insights and inspiration to strengthen your position and role as Chief Communication Officer.
In an intimate setting (invitation only and with a maximum of 15 participants) we are going to explore and discuss the following key topics:
–       Role and position of CCO’s
–       Key challenges for CCO’s
–       Opportunities for CCO’s to maximize impact
The Business Leaders in Communications Study 2014/2015 of VMA Group, recent research of GKSV amongst CCO’s and the views and lessons learned of top notch CCO’s will guarantee lively discussions and inspiring food for thought.
For more information, contact either Frank Körver (GKSV) or Willem de Ruijter (VMA Group).