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On-the-job support

Sometimes on-the-job support is necessary. We can provide experienced professionals who love to get things done and know what works. And what doesn’t work. They know the ropes and provide peace of mind for our clients.

Our method is very simple. Together with clients, we determine the profile of the ideal candidate and determine for how many days per week and for how long support is required. Our candidates work at Wepublic or come from our extensive network.

Common situations that require interim support are:

  • A vacancy becomes available and there is no short term solution available
  • Long-term absence of a professional
  • Temporary managing a specific project or program is needed
  • Extra capacity is needed in the event of substantial changes or major issues
  • Specialist knowledge is required

All our consultants are available for interim support. Wepublic also has a number of interim specialists.

Specialized in interim management are:

Hein Greven

Associate Partner

Maaike van Hooidonk


Frank Körver

Associate partner

Mark van den Anker


Maurice Jansen

Managing director