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Actionable insight into developments in society, politics and stakeholders

We bring our expertise, intuition, experience, and data to bear in solving varied communication and public affairs challenges. Whenever possible, we substantiate our personal insights and advice with facts based on our data analyses.

What we can do for you

  • Political monitoring: While much political and social information is public, it is often complex and scattered across a plethora of sources. Wepublic’s Stakeholder Intelligence Monitor (SIM) brings together the information that is relevant to you. This will provide you with key insights into what is going on in politics and society and what other relevant stakeholders are up to.
  • Digital tools: In addition to consulting and interim management, Wepublic also builds digital tools for Public Affairs professionals and communication experts. Besides the SIM and tools for force field analyses, you can also take advantage of our tools for issue tracking and stakeholder engagement. Customers sometimes have specific needs that cannot yet be addressed by a tool. Development experience helps Wepublic create tools that meet your specific needs
  • Benchmark studies: Wepublic does benchmarking exercises on a regular basis. The decisions of other organisations can be extremely insightful. While we usually carry out benchmarks on assignment, we also develop benchmarks ourselves to improve our service offering. That is how we set up the Communication Management Benchmark.
Our associates


Stakeholder Intelligence Monitor (SIM)

With the SIM we bring together real-time, relevant information from the political and social arena.

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Network Analysis

Wepublic has developed the network analysis; an important tool to operate more successfully in an increasingly dynamic and complex network.

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Communication Management Benchmark

Information from 100+ organizations that participated in the Benchmark helps managers to increase communication impact and build state-of-the-art…

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