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Actionable insight into developments in society, politics and stakeholders

We make sure you are up to date. Our specialists provide insights into developments in society, politics and stakeholder organizations. We help our clients with:

  • Monitoring political and societal developments: with our Stakeholder Intelligence Monitor (SIM) we provide insights into what is going on in the political arena as well as with relevant stakeholders. The SIM is an innovative tool that keeps you constantly informed about issues and stakeholders.
  • Stakeholder research: We bring the environment of your organization to light. Who are your most important stakeholders? Which issues are hot? What are the interests of your most important stakeholders? And which positions are being taken? We identify developments, draw conclusions and make recommendations.
  • Carrying out reputation surveys: How is your organization perceived and valued by stakeholders? What are considered your strengths and weaknesses? What are the opportunities and challenges? We provide you with valuable management information through qualitative or quantitative research.
  • Benchmarks: Wepublic regularly carries out benchmarks. Having insights into the decisions of other organizations can be extremely instructive. We usually carry out benchmarks on commission, but we also develop benchmarks in order to strengthen our other services. Together with TU Delft we implemented the Dutch Communication Management Benchmark.

Our specialists in Intelligence

Hein Greven

Associate Partner

Maaike van Hooidonk


Frank Körver

Associate partner

Mark van den Anker


Gijs Petter

Director Intelligence

Robin Beentjes

Senior advisor

Roel Dijkstra


Jonathan Seib

Product owner Intelligence


Stakeholder Intelligence Monitor (SIM)

With the SIM we bring together real-time, relevant information from the political and social arena.

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Network Analysis

Wepublic has developed the network analysis; an important tool to operate more successfully in an increasingly dynamic and complex network.

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Communication Management Benchmark

Information from 100+ organizations that participated in the Benchmark helps managers to increase communication impact and build state-of-the-art…

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