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High quality, practical and integrated advice

We provide high quality, practical and integrated advice in the field of reputation, communication and public affairs.

Typical activities for which clients contact us:

  • Issues: timely detection of reputational risks and -opportunities and helping to manage these issues so they benefit our client.
  • Crises: help clients with difficult and often sensitive issues where reputations and interests are at stake.
  • Stakeholder engagement: building strong reputations by managing the dialogue with your environment, strengthen trust and achieve sustainable success more quickly.
  • Public affairs and lobbying: contributing to your interests in the political and public arena and helping to achieve breakthroughs.
  • Strategy development: developing a manageable compass together with clients in the form of a concrete strategy, inspiring vision or practical approach.
  • Organization of the communications department: maximizing the added value and impact of communications as a discipline and/or department.
  • Leadership: strengthen the relationship between (top) managers, employees and stakeholders.
  • Support and alignment: ensuring effective communications around important changes in your organization.
  • Positioning: develop the most attractive positioning and embedding this positioning throughout the organization.
  • Brand strategy and architecture: optimizing, organizing and structuring the brands within an organization.

Our consultants

Hein Greven

Maaike Hellingman-van Hooidonk

Frank Körver

Mark van den Anker

Maurice Jansen

Friso Rip

Gijs Petter

Robin Beentjes

Lisanne Nieuwland


Stakeholder Intelligence Monitor

With the SIM we bring together real-time, relevant information from the political and social arena.

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Communication Management Benchmark

Information from 100+ organizations that participated in the Benchmark helps managers to increase communication impact and build state-of-the-art…

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Force Field Analysis

Wepublic has developed the Force Field Analysis; an important tool to be able to operate more successfully in an increasingly dynamic and complex…

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The Audit

The Audit is a method to gain insight into the quality, professionalism and impact of the communication department in a short period of time.

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