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At Wepublic, we get excited about creating and realizing new concepts.

High potential concepts are made available to our clients as quickly as possible. Our concepts involve for instance a powerful monitoring tool to keep track of political and social developments, a smart method to map your stakeholder environment or an app to improve your stakeholder management, but also a multi-user platform for knowledge sharing and professionalization. An important starting point for all our concepts: they must create real value for our customers. Only then we will continue to develop an idea we created tailored to the needs of our customers.

We also develop concepts specifically commissioned by, or in collaboration with clients.

Below you find all the concepts of Wepublic:

Stakeholder Intelligence Monitor

With the SIM we bring together real-time, relevant information from the political and social arena.

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Communication Management Benchmark

Information from 100+ organizations that participated in the Benchmark helps managers to increase communication impact and build state-of-the-art communication departments.

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Force Field Analysis

Wepublic has developed the Force Field Analysis; an important tool to be able to operate more successfully in an increasingly dynamic and complex force field. Often a part of your organization’s force field is a black box. Especially if your organization is active in a new domain such as sustainability or digitization. We provide intelligence […]

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Pocket CRM Spinbuzz enables you and your colleagues to easily and efficiently find and share appointments, meetings and phone calls with stakeholders.

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The Kitchen

The Kitchen is a unique platform that brings communication professionals from different organizations together to create breakthroughs around issues and dilemmas.

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The Audit

The Audit is a method to gain insight into the quality, professionalism and impact of the communication department in a short period of time.

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