The Kitchen

The Kitchen is a unique platform that brings together communication professionals from different organizations to create breakthroughs around issues and dilemmas. Wepublic has developed The Kitchen with the idea that the best insights come from connecting different perspectives.

We see many communication departments struggling with similar issues. Especially when it comes to organizations in the same sector or of the same size. A fresh view and inspiring examples from a similar practice can help to achieve breakthroughs. But how do you guarantee an in-depth discussion, without compromising confidentiality?

In each Kitchen program, 5 to 7 organizations participate. They provide each other, in as many meetings, with a glimpse into the kitchen of their communication practice. The aim is to create joint breakthroughs around issues and dilemmas in the field of communication. Each meeting has a different theme and always takes place under the Chatham House Rule.

The Kitchen is the go to place for communication professionals to meet like-minded colleagues from different organizations. Because of its exclusivity and compact size, there is plenty of room to get to know each other and to build up valuable contacts.

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