The Audit

With The Audit, Wepublic has developed a practical methodology to gain insights into the quality, professionalism and impact of the communication department in a short period of time.

Communication departments within government organizations have a major responsibility. Whether it concerns contributing to familiarity and trust, helping to close the gap between citizens and politics or increasing the effectiveness of the organization. It is therefore essential to provide insights into the added value and workings of the department. The main question: is the department focusing on the right tasks and how well is it doing?

The Audit is a valuable tool for gaining important insights in the functioning of the communication department and formulating a concrete course of action. A considerable number of municipalities, provinces and water authorities have now decided to carry out an Audit of their communication department. The Audit entails a substantive survey of clients and relations in the department, a review day with one of our experts and a report with concrete recommendations. The Audit is very effective by using a compact form and a short turnaround time.

The reactions from governments are positive: The Audit is seen as a professional intervention of the communication department and strengthens internal cooperation. Communication departments that carried out The Audit indicated that after the visit they had developed a broader internal support base and a stronger position within the organization.

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