Stakeholder Intelligence Monitor (SIM)

Keep a grip on politics

Insight into political and societal developments is becoming increasingly important for organizations. Whether it be about realising ad hoc opportunities for your organisation’s strategy development or responding timely to risks. Most of the political and societal information is public but also complex and dispersed. How do you maintain thoroughly informed?

The Stakeholder Intelligence Monitor (SIM) brings together all relevant information. SIM is an online platform with e-mail integration, which keeps you informed on real-time developments in the political and societal arena. Messages in SIM are always provided with substantive and process-based interpretation.

The result of using SIM is that you get a grip on issues, are well informed on current affairs and are more in control when implementing your strategy. This makes SIM the ‘need to have’ tool for various organizations. (AEX)Companies, branch organisations, the (semi) public sector and local and regional governments have implemented the SIM.

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