Stakeholder Engagement Tool (SET)

The App that makes stakeholder management easy

The Wepublic Stakeholder Engagement Tool (SET) is where your organization collectively stores contacts, reports on consultations, and outlines actions. With SET you bring stakeholder management a step further. This way there is always an up-to-date and complete overview of all contacts of you and your colleagues with stakeholders. It is an important tool for public affairs and corporate communications teams to execute and collaborate on an aligned stakeholder strategy.

Useful features

  • Shared contact list: in teams and by organization, data is shared unless you don’t want it to be. This provides one place with all the information around your most important stakeholders.
  • Interactions and collaboration: within SET you can share your contact moment and a short report, creating a clear memory.
  • Alerts: the SET provides a personal reminder at multiple moments with a push notification to help you with your stakeholder engagement.

Interested in trying the SET on a trial basis? Please contact us.