Communication Management Benchmark

In collaboration with TU Delft, Wepublic developed the Communication Management Benchmark. This benchmark contains unique information from more than 100 (!) organizations in the Netherlands, resulting in fascinating insights. These insights help managers increase communication impact and build state-of-the-art communication departments.

The Benchmark offers you essential, surprising and practical insights. Moreover, it is now possible to compare your communication function with the Benchmark average or with peers, on numerous aspects. The Benchmark is indispensable for smart organization of the communication function, for demonstrably increasing the impact of communication and for optimizing the management of the communication department.

Are you interested in valuable and unique information about the role, added value and organization of the communication function in the Netherlands? Would you like to know more about the position of communication managers and the composition of teams? Are you curious how organizations can make a difference with communication, now and in the future? The Communication Management Benchmark provides extensive information on these and many more questions.