Local stakeholder management for integrated area development

Insights: An industrial company wants to be involved in the housing plans of a (large) municipality next to its site.

  • The municipality is approaching the company on the basis of different files with different messages, ranging from asking it to make way for housing development to asking it to invest in CO2 savings and sustainability.
  • To participate in the development of the plans, it is important to have knowledge of the local decision-making process and to strengthen the relationship with the municipality.
  • Constructive communication with various stakeholder groups on the different interests in the city is necessary.
  • The municipality only looks at the plans for area development from the perspective of housing construction.

Idea: Start lobbying to achieve integrality in area development, taking account of the varying interests.

  • Wepublic developed a step-by-step approach with the client, which started with a constructive open approach, but with the option to switch to a more defensive stance with no loss of position in order to pursue the interest if no dialogue or agreement is reached.
  • Various scenarios for the area development and associated strategies were mapped out.
  • A public affairs strategy aimed at local policymakers, decision-makers and influencers served as the basis for the lobbying effort.
  • Wepublic put the organisation’s positioning in a new light and made its goals and interests accessible to a wide audience.

Result: Firm positioning of the organisation among stakeholders and broad-based attention to the need for integral area development.

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